How to Build a Wooden Dummy


Have you ever wanted to build a wooden dummy and save hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of buying one from a store?

This book will show you how you can build an authentic mook yan jong for a fraction of the price it costs to purchase a premade, original one from a retail store.

You need a dummy to develop your fighting ability to its full potential. A training utility will allow you to train whenever you want and with as much power as you want. You can train every day without the need for a partner. You can train for as long as you want until your technique is perfect and powerful. Even a small amount of training with the dummy each day will go a long way toward building accurate and dependable power in your technique.

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The first thing you will notice is that my mook jong is authentic in design; it conforms to tradition, as opposed to many of the ones you have undoubtedly seen online that hardly even look like the right shape. Any proponent of Wing Chun knows that an authentic form is necessary to develop proper structure and power.

Guide to Wooden Dummy Construction will give you complete, step-by-step instructions on:

  • How to obtain the materials you need
  • Exactly what materials and tools you need
  • Exact measurements for each step
  • Precise instruction for cutting each hole
  • Step-by-step instruction with all parts clearly labeled with many diagrams and color photos
  • Possible variations on the dummy design
  • And more!

You will save hundreds of dollars by building your own training equipment. 

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